Trademarks are valuable tools for business, and important pieces of intellectual property. Most importantly, they are supposed to provide consumer protection, and act as indicators of the quality of you, the producer of the good. Almost anything can be trademarked, from sounds to smells to slogans to logos to domain names to the name of your business. If you need any help with managing, registering or working with your trademarks, please contact us today.


If you need a trademark registered with the USPTO, the entire process is made that much simpler via a virtual law office. For $300, I will handle one trademark for you: this includes a comprehensive search to verify that there are neither direct or indirect conflicts, an analysis of the legality and strength of the mark for you, and filing the registration on your behalf. This does not include the additional cost of $325 per registered class, which is what the government charges as a filing fee. If you have more than one mark that needs to be filed, the costs and time will be discounted and adjusted accordingly.


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Vinod Shankar, Attorney-At-Law
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